Record PPLive, PPStream, TVUPlayer, PPMate, Sopcast, TVAnts and other p2p tv video and audio(Record Fox, CBS, NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, Soccer, Football, and other sports program)
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 PPRecorder(P2P TV Recorder)

Click the Download button to download PPRecorder(P2P TV Recorder). After downloading, click Run or Open to begin the installation process. The file size is 2.6 Mb.

Download PPRecorder 1.8 from site 1

Download PPRecorder 1.8 from site 2

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PPRecorder Language Files

PPRecorder(P2P TV Recorder) Translations (Many thanks to the contributors!)

To use these files, download and save the file in "..\Program Files\P2PTVRecorder\Language" folder.

Language Maintainer Download
English admin ppeng.ini
Chinese (Simplified) admin ppchs.ini
French Goulven Fourdan ppfra.ini

If you have any problem about the language file, please contact Maintainer, you can find the email from language file.

If you don't see your language on the list, you can create your own translation and it's easy!

How to do it:

  • Open "ppeng.ini" or other language file and Just type the correctly translated words after the "=". Type only in single lines!
  • Click "Save as" and name the file as the new language, save the file in "C:\Program Filess\p2ptvrecorder\Language" folder.
  • Now it's done! Run the PPRecorder and select "View -> Language" menu, select your new Language from list.


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